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Justin Hopper is a writer, artist, and curator living and working between Sussex and London in England, and Pittsburgh in the U.S.

My writing and artwork remains rooted in my past as a journalist, but replaces traditional non-fiction with poetry as a way to approach truth in a fragmented, place-less world. I use writing tied to specific locations to haunt them with myth. In a time of radical cultural change it is through myth that we understand our surroundings and ourselves. My texts inhabit sound- and text-installations and found-object sculptures as well as traditional print in an attempt to contribute to this understanding.

As a freelance writer I help clients to synthesize complex ideas in the arts and sciences into documents that are accessible on a variety of levels and to a variety of audiences. This work has included magazine and newspaper features, internal and public communications, full-length books and snippet-length web texts. Its subject matter has ranged from cutting-edge discoveries in genetics and medicine to academic papers in paleontology and archaeology; from world-renowned conceptual artworks to deeply local community politics.