Public Record: Ipswich

spill-magenta-black-1 Public Record: Ipswich Museum is designed for listening in the Ogilvie Collection of British Birds at Ipswich Museum. Click the play button below to stream the piece on your own device and explore the collection at your leisure while listening. You can also use this link to download an MP3 or lossless file. Presented by SPILL Festival of Performance, in partnership with Colchester + Ipswich Museums Public Record: Ipswich Museum is comprised of texts sampled from, and inspired by, Victorian and Edwardian nature and travel writing, particularly as related to the now-altered habitats of the Suffolk coast as seen in the collection's cases. For further information see Collecting Landscape: an essay. Written, produced and read by Justin Hopper Music and sound design by Scanner Imagery by Stefan Musgrove Additional reading by Lucy Greeves Special thanks to Robert, Kate, Andy and everyone at Pacitti Company; Isobel, Damien, Rachel and everyone at Ipswich Museum.