Updates 2016

A lot has happened in the year since I updated this site. I've now done at least a cursory update to most of the Projects page, and will attempt to do so more regularly. I'll also commit to updating this blog/news part a bit more frequently, even if that means doing so in short, info-only posts. There will be lots to mention in the weeks and months to come - a new site-specific audio project launching this autumn (shh!), several events and readings, announcement of a new course on Paul Nash's artwork, writing and archives, at Tate Britain, and - most exciting of all (at least for me) - the publication of The Old Weird Albion on 1 December! Right now the news is that I Made Some Low Inquiries - my most recent poetry album - is available as a download from Bandcamp, having previously been available only as a limited-edition CD from Eighth Climate. I hope you'll check it out and, if you dig it, support my future work by buying the download. A few other things have surfaced: I have a chapter in this anthology of folk horror poetry, and my piece on the latest album by And Also The Trees is up here.

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